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Featured Guest

Damion Stene

Born and raised in Coney Island, Damion likes the sound of classic disco. He likes to cook and loves to bake. Amusement park rides make him sick but he braves the Cyclone anyway. He likes ice cream and red meat and these are some of his pictures of Coney Island.


Note: The photos below were chosen to show what Coney currently looks like. They were taken in December 2008, after Astroland began to be struck down, and in January 2009, after Thor Equities evicted the thriving little businesses on the boardwalk, boarded up the windows and locked the doors. More of Damion's Coney pictures can be viewed on his own gallery page through the links above.


And the very latest as of Jan. 10th... the Astroland sign is removed, and the AstroRocket is taken down from atop Gregory & Paul's. And what will happen out there now?

Contact Damion: